Architectural Review Board

The Historic Overlay Districts (HOD) preserve the history and tradition of Manassas through the architecture and unique design of its buildings. If you live or own a building in an HOD and are interested in starting any exterior projects to your home or building, you may need to submit an application for a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) from the Architectural Review Board (ARB). The ARB reviews applications for exterior alterations and new construction such as fences, sheds, garages, decks, porches, awnings, lights, replacement siding or windows, commercial signs and exterior painting. The COA is a document from the ARB ensuring that the proposed projects meet the goals and objectives of the Historic Overlay District.

Check the map to see if you own property in the Manassas Historic District.
Learn more about the Historic Overlay District (including related Design Guidelines and the ARB submittal process) 

Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Calendar

5:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of every month (as needed) in locations to be determined as Manassas City Hall is renovated. See the 2024 calendar here!

The Manassas City Architectural Review Board serves in an important role to ensure the preservation and protection of the city's historic districts. Duties include:

  • Issuing or denying a certificate of appropriateness for construction, reconstruction, substantial exterior alteration, demolition, or relocation within an HOD
  • Assisting and advising the City Council, the Planning Commission, and other city departments, agencies, and property owners in matters involving historically significant sites, and structures such as appropriate land design, parking lot design, and signs
  • Advising owners of historic structures relating to preservation
  • Reviewing and proposing additional historic structures to be included in an HOD
  • Conducting studies deemed necessary to consider additional districts and means of preservation and utilization of historic assets in the city, upon request of the council, planning commission, or interested citizens
  • Cooperating with and enlisting assistance from the state historic landmarks commission, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and other interested parties, both public and private, in its efforts to preserve, restore, and conserve historic structures, buildings, sites, or areas within the city.

Jan Alten (Chair); Myra Buchanan Brent; Robert Carter; Stephen D. Hersch;
Sean Porter; Marci Settle (Vice-Chair); Kenneth Jones; Delbert Parks (alternate)

Regular membership of the ARB, as defined in the City of Manassas Code of Ordinances, states: 

  • Members shall have a demonstrated interest, competence, or knowledge in historic preservation.
  • A majority of the members must be City residents
Rules of Procedure
View current rules of procedure, adopted November 16, 2021
Annual Report

FY23 ARB Annual Report               

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