Sudley Road Sidewalk

Project description:
  • New 0.7 mile sidewalk on the east side of Sudley Road between Mathis Avenue and  Grant Avenue
  • 5 feet from Grant Ave. to Portner Ave. and 6 feet from Portner Ave. to Mathis Ave.
  • Existing 4 foot sidewalk without buffer on west side of Sudley Road.
  • Project Cost: $3 - $3.1 million
  • 2 alternatives:

 sudley 2                                                 sidewalk section 2
Alternative 1: 6’ buffer                                                          Alternative 2: 3’ buffer
between sidewalk and roadway                                      between sidewalk and roadway

  • Alternative 1 provides a wider buffer and consequently more comfort for pedestrians
  • Alternative 2 provides a narrower buffer but will have less right-of-way impacts on private properties.
  • This project is identified in the Pedestrian Network Plan of the Comprehensive Plan 
  • The project is currently unfunded. State funds are being sought to fund this project.
  • The concept was developed in February 2022.
              Alternative 1: 6’ buffer between sidewalk and roadway
              Alternative 2: 3’ buffer between sidewalk and roadway

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Chloe Delhomme, Senior Planner

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