Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance provides land use regulations for Manassas. The Zoning Ordinance also outlines site development standards such as setbacks, building height, parking regulations, signs, and tree canopy coverage.


The Zoning Ordinance is comprised of the following Articles:
Zoning Ordinance Article / Category
Table of Contents
Article I      Administration
Article II     Definitions
Article III    General Regulations
Article IV    Signs
Article V     Non-conforming Uses, Lots & Structures
Article VI    Parking & Loading Requirements
Article VII   Tree Canopy & Landscaping Requirements
Article VIII  Zoning Districts
Article IX    Land Use Applications
Article X     Enforcement

Complete Zoning Ordinance
(Code of Ordinances Chapter 130)
Download the list of permitted uses in each zoning district

The City of Manassas maintains a map of all zoning district designations within City boundaries. View zoning for any property in the interactive zoning and parcel map.

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