Equity & Inclusion Task Force

“It is not in the culture of this community to tolerate injustice to any human."
Mayor Michelle Davis-Younger

"No está en la cultura de esta comunidad tolerar la injusticia a ningún ser humano."                   
                                                                                                     ---Alcaldesa Michelle Davis-Younger

Listen to Task Force members talk about why they got involved with this initiative and how the Task Force hopes to work with the community to build a better Manassas.  

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In September, 2020, the Manassas City Council appointed a new citizen Equity and Inclusion Task Force, charged with engaging every segment of the Manassas community in an open and honest discussion of race, racism and diversity and exploring barriers that members of the community may have experienced when accessing governmental services such as criminal justice, educational attainment, employment, healthcare, housing and others. The Task Force will use data, history and stories to seek to understand and explain the inequities in our community.

The Task Force meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm.  You can find agendas here.

Listening Sessions
The Task Force needs data, history and stories to fulfill their charge from the City Council. The stories are particularly important, because, in the end, it is people’s real lives that we hope will change for the better as we seek to understand and undo systems that created historical and current inequities. Community members who attend a Listening Session, answer a short survey, or leave  video messages will help tell us about the tangible impacts of inequities and possible paths forward toward a more equitable future.

Call us at 703-257-8348 if you would like to leave a message by phone.

If you are a community or faith-based organization and would like to host a Listening Session please email the Task Force at Manassasequity@manassasva.gov

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