Georgetown South Parking District

On July 26, 2021, the Manassas City Council voted to create a new Georgetown South parking district.  This new district is to Georgetown South and took effect on January 1, 2022.  
Read the Letter to Residents to find out more details.
Lea la carta a los y las residentes para obtener más detalles en español.

green-shiny-car-on-parking-lotThis new district was created after many months of complaints from residents about a lack of available parking, multiple meetings with the Georgetown South Community Council, and much citizen input given at multiple City Council meetings and at a Town Hall in May of this year.  The Georgetown South Community Council has endorsed these changes.

What is changing?
Effective January 1, 2023, only two parking permits will be issued per address in Georgetown South (GTS).  These permits will be issued to specific vehicles and are not transferable.  These permits will be specific to GTS and will not be valid in any other parking district.  Likewise, Zone 1 permits will no longer be valid in GTS. 

What is the fee?
All 2024 parking permits in the City, including GTS, will be $25 per permit effective with the 2024 permits.

Who is eligible to purchase a permit?
Those who are residents of GTS and can show proof of residency in GTS as well as proof of ownership of the vehicle registered to the GTS address.

What if I have more than two vehicles?empty-space-at-car-parking-lot
GTS residents who applied for a third permit, were selected at random, and paid a $150 fee, were able to get a third permit good for one year beginning July 1, 2024.

What about Visitor Parking Passes?
Visitor parking passes are also changing. Each address is limited to 25 visitor parking passes per calendar year. Each visitor parking pass is valid for a single day of the current calendar year.  Visitor parking passes are sold in packs of five and are $25 for each pack of five passes.

How do I purchase a permit?
GTS Permits may be purchased through the Treasurer's Office. You will not be able to purchase new GTS permits when you pay your personal property taxes.  Taxes and parking tickets must be paid and current in order to purchase a GTS parking permit.

Read the Letter to Residents to find out more details.
Lea la carta a los y las residentes para obtener más detalles en español.

Commercial vehicles are a specific size and category of vehicle that is defined in the Manassas City Code. Commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked in ANY residential neighborhood. The Manassas City Code definition includes the following:

For the purposes of this section, the term "commercial vehicle" shall mean any motor vehicle with a gross weight of more than 10,000 pounds or more than 21 feet in length or more than 102 inches in width. The term "commercial vehicle" will also include any construction equipment, cranes, well digging apparatus and other heavy equipment, except when such equipment is used for construction activities on sites where construction permits are in effect.

For the purposes of this section, the length of the vehicle will include all attachments, accessories, or cargo on the vehicle, including any trailer. The width limitation in this section shall not include rear view mirrors, turn signals, grab handles for entering and exiting the cab, splash suppressing devices and load-induced tire bulge; however, the safety devices, with the exception of the rear view mirrors, shall not extend more than three inches to each side of the vehicle.
If you drive a vehicle for work assigned by your employer, which is NOT defined as a commercial vehicle, you can obtain a parking permit for this vehicle from the GTS parking district. This employer vehicle will count as one of the two permits allowed per address.

Los vehículos comerciales son un tamaño y categoría específicos de vehículo que se define en el Código de la Ciudad de Manassas. No se permite estacionar vehículos comerciales en NINGÚN barrio residencial. La definición del Código de la Ciudad de Manassas incluye lo siguiente:
A los efectos de esta sección, el término "vehículo comercial" significará todo vehículo de motor con un peso bruto de más de 10,000 libras o más de 21 pies de largo o más de 102 pulgadas de ancho. El término "vehículo comercial" también incluirá cualquier equipo de construcción, grúas, aparatos de excavación de pozos y otros equipos pesados, excepto cuando dichos equipos se utilicen para actividades de construcción en sitios donde los permisos de construcción estén vigentes.
Para los propósitos de esta sección, la longitud del vehículo incluirá todos los aditamentos, accesorios o carga en el vehículo, incluyendo cualquier remolque. La limitación de ancho en esta sección no incluirá espejos retrovisores, luces direccionales, agarraderas para la entrada y salida de la cabina, dispositivos supresores de salpicaduras y abultamiento de llantas inducido por la carga; sin embargo, los dispositivos de seguridad, con la excepción de los espejos retrovisores, no se extenderán más de tres pulgadas a cada lado del vehículo.
Si conduce un vehículo de trabajo asignado por su empleador que NO está definido como un vehículo comercial, puede obtener un permiso de estacionamiento para este vehículo en el distrito de estacionamiento de GTS. Este vehículo del empleador contará como uno de los dos permisos permitidos por dirección.

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