Georgetown South Parking District

On July 26, 2021, the Manassas City Council voted to create a new Georgetown South parking district.  This new district will be specific to Georgetown South and will take effect on January 1, 2022.  Until then, the current Zone 1 parking district remains in effect.

green-shiny-car-on-parking-lotThis new district was created after many months of complaints from residents about a lack of available parking, multiple meetings with the Georgetown South Community Council, and much citizen input given at multiple City Council meetings and at a Town Hall in May of this year.  The Georgetown South Community Council has endorsed these changes.

What is changing?
Effective January 1, 2022, only two parking permits will be issued per address in Georgetown South (GTS).  These permits will be issued to specific vehicles and are not transferable.  These permits will be specific to GTS and will not be valid in any other parking district.  Likewise, Zone 1 permits will no longer be valid in GTS. 

What is the fee?
All 2022 parking permits in the City, including GTS, will be $25 per permit effective with the 2022 permits.

Who is eligible to purchase a permit?
Those who are residents of GTS and can show proof of residency in GTS as well as proof of ownership of the vehicle registered to the GTS address.

What if I have more than two vehicles?empty-space-at-car-parking-lot
Only two vehicles per address will be issued permits.  Vehicles without permits will not be allowed to park during the parking district restricted hours.

How do I purchase a permit?
New GTS permits will go on sale in late November/early December.  You will not be able to purchase new GTS permits when you pay your personal property taxes.  Taxes and parking tickets must be paid and current in order to purchase a GTS parking permit.

Given this is a recent change by City Council, we are still finalizing the processes and procedures for selling and issuing permits.  We will continue to keep you and the Georgetown South Community Council informed as these are finalized.  We will send another letter later this fall with clear instructions on the rules and the specific process for obtaining your new GTS parking permit.  

Current Zone 1 stickers will remain valid until December 31, 2021.

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