Euclid/Sills Warehouse Pond Retrofit

Euclid-Sills Warehouse
This project upgrades the existing dry pond, located at 9090 Jerrys Circle, to a Virginia DEQ-credited Level 1 Extended Detention facility, meaning it provides both increased stormwater retention capacity and greater water quality treatment. This will assist the City in meeting our required Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) program nutrient reductions while providing necessary maintenance and floodplain mapping updates.

Status: 100% Designed.  Construction estimated to begin Spring 2024.

Proposed improvements for this facility include:
•    Sediment forebay at the main inflow
•    Two micropools on the pond floor
•    Aquatic benches around the forebay and micropools
•    Increased storage volume to meandering flow path
•    Addition of wing walls and a concrete apron to the existing riser structure
•    Modifications to the existing riser structure and emergency spillway to meet allowable flows

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Contact: Susie Orndorff, Stormwater Administrator

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