Dean Park Improvements

The latest Phase One and Phase Two concept plans for Dean Park improvements have been created in response to current needs, including the replacement of E.G. Smith's diamond fields. See a summary of the plans.
Community meetings are expected to begin in 2022 as part of Dean Park improvement planning.

Phase 1 Improvements

Find out more about the Phase One concept plan improvements that are fully funded.

Phase 2 Concept Plans

Find out more about the Phase Two concept plans that are unfunded.

Background Information

Find out more about the Dean Park planning process.

Dean Park Master Plans

Read the 2017 master plan and the Jennie Dean Memorial master plan.

Share Your Thoughts

Share your thoughts on Phase One plans.

At more than 70 acres, Dean Park is the largest park in the City of Manassas and provides numerous amenities, including the Manassas Boys & Girls Club, ball fields, batting cages, the City’s skate park, tennis courts, and the Winter’s Branch walking trail. Adjacent to the park is Jennie Dean Elementary School and the Manassas Industrial School/Jennie Dean Memorial. Find out more about the Memorial Update.


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