Harris Pavilion

Harris Pavilion1

9201 Center Street in Historic Downtown Manassas

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Rent the Pavilion

The Pavilion is available for weddings (volante bilingüe) and private event rentals.

Are you interested in selling your wares at a Pavilion event? Please read about the Umbrella License.

Ice Skating

Thanks for a great season! Look for skating to return in November 2024.

Who was Loy E. Harris?

The Pavilion bears the name of Loy E. Harris, a man whose devotion to the revitalization of Historic Downtown Manassas made the Pavilion possible. Harris grew up in southwest Virginia and established his own insurance agency after moving to Manassas. When he became president of Historic Manassas, Inc. in the 1990s, he quickly set to work turning vacant storefronts into vibrant businesses. He had the persuasive vision to imagine Historic Downtown as an anchor for the community that would welcome the arts, fine dining, recreation and retail, and donated his time and money to the cause. One of his passionate projects was the construction of the ice rink/pavilion. Harris passed away in 1999, just a year before the Pavilion opened.

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