Banner Art

Historic Manassas, Inc. and the City of Manassas work together to bring beautiful pieces of art to the Historic Downtown area of the City.  This is an annual competition held in the fall/winter where artists are asked to participate.  About 70 pieces are selected to grace city light poles.  First, second and third place winners are selected in a juried competition each year.  The following pictures are the pieces hanging around our downtown this year.  First place winner Debra Keirce painted Shades of Yellow as you can see in this gallery.  We invite you to participate in this competition next year or in years to come.
Shades of Yellow by Debra Keirce
Happy Dog
Lava Boy
Preening Parrots
Crazy Frog
Childhood Memories
The Bone
Farmers Market
Greenhouse Orchids
Well Hello
Valley Azaleas
Chateau de Clerans
Iris in bloom
Beesy Beesy Beesy
Bee Sweet
Manassas Moonrise
About that Hat
Red Shoes Dancing
A Virginia Habitat
Sailing on Lake Superior
Far from Home
Bubble Gum boy
Magic Moments
Manassas Bluebells
Study of silk
Fanciful Elephants
Panther Chameleon
Pure Love
Memorial Day
Puerto Rican Sun
Loving Eyes
Breakfast Delight
Balloon Family
Butterfly Bush
Time to go home
Steel Zenias
All American Labrador
Chief Mousetrap
Border Collie
Sunflower Sky
Step by Step
Sister Clu
Bath Time
Lunch at Clydes
Field of Dreams
Autumn Spring
Japanese Garden
Autumn Pup
Copper Pot
Rose Gazebo
Jay Dreams
By the Sea
I dream of creamy
Japanese Magnolia
Free Ride
Spring Karen Suarez
Open for Business

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