Site, Utility & Excavation Permits

Land Development is regulated by the City of Manassas. Permits for the purpose of construction must be obtained after site or subdivision plans are approved. In addition, the city requires an erosion permit be obtained if any disturbed area exceed 2,500 square feet. Visit the Applications, Forms and Fees page.

An excavation permit is required for any construction work in or on a public street. A Work Zone Traffic Control Form must be on file with the City's Site Inspector prior to commencement of any work in roadways.

Site Improvement Permit
Site plans and subdivision plans
Following the approval of final plans, permits must be obtained and applicable fees paid, prior to commencement of any construction of site improvements. This permit covers the inspection of all construction items, including road improvements, parking lots, water, sewer, and storm systems, but excluding building and trade permits. This permit is valid as long as there is a valid performance bond posted with the City of Manassas.

Erosion Control Permit
Any land disturbance activity shown on an approved plan. This permit will be issued for a project after the approval of the site development plans. It shall cover the inspection of all items involved, including installation and maintenance of erosion and sediment control devices. All the erosion control devices must be inspected and approved by the City Site Inspector prior to the initiation of any land disturbing activity.

A certified Responsible Land Disturber (RLD) must be designated for the project.  The Responsible Land Disturber (RLD) Inspection forms are completed by the developer's certified RLD and submitted to the City Site Inspector by-weekly or after any storm event.

Early Grading Agreement
Site and Subdivision plans approved for early grading must provide this agreement form prior to plan approval.

Land Disturbance Permit
This permit shall be obtained to insure compliance with erosion control and all other sections of the Design and Construction Standards Manual when no other permit is required. It is required when land disturbance exceeds 2,500 square feet and no site plan or subdivision plan is in the city for review. The applicant must submit drawings outlining proposed disturbances and erosion control practices (A house location survey, record plat, city topography map with parcel overlay, or a non-engineered outline of the lot, correctly drawn to scale, may be used as a basis for this plan.) The drawings shall display the disturbed area by offset distances to the property lines and shall depict required erosion control devices. A minimum letter of credit or cash of $1,000 is required unless the "Agreement in Lieu of a Plan" is utilized. The funds will be refunded when the disturbed areas are stabilized and work has been completed.
  • A land disturbance permit is also required in conjunction with a rough grading plan or building permit for demolition application. A detailed cost estimate of the required erosion and sediment controls must be submitted on the city's plan coversheet.
Excavation Permit (Not Fiber Providers, see Franchise Permits)
This permit is obtained to allow the installation of all underground services and their related facilities (gas, water, cable, telephone, and sewer; and to construct entrances that are being connected to a public roadway). Prior to issuance of the permit, a bond is posted with the city to ensure that any damages within city right-of-way or dedicated easements are repaired. If the applicant does not perform the necessary repairs, then the bond will be forfeited in its entirety. Extensions of the validity period may be requested in writing.
Excavation Permit Fees

Applicable Regulations

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