City Hall Move

We are moving
 At least temporarily while City Hall is renovated.  We are trying to make this move as easy as possible for our residents.  City Hall opened in 1987, when the population of the City of Manassas was about 22,000, a little over half of today’s population. The renovation will address traffic flow problems, create more usable spaces, create additional public meeting and conference spaces, and make use of hallways to reconfigure office space. The extra space will allow departments that regularly work together to be located close together. 

Customer Service CenterDMV (Customer Service Center)
9800 Godwin Drive
(the old DMV building)

More City Hall MovesPiedmont Building
9324 West Street

  • Communications - Jan. 24
  • Economic Development - Jan. 24
  • Mayor & Council - Jan. 24
  • City Clerk - Jan. 24
  • City Manager & City Attorney - Feb. 7
Other Departments
  • IT - to Customer Service Center - moved Nov. 8
  • GIS - to Customer Service Center - moved Nov. 8
  • Human Resources - to Public Works - Feb. 7
  • Manassas Museum Store, Echoes - to train Depot - moved Oct. 19

Manassas Museum
Manassas Museum staff will work in other areas while the Museum is being renovated before the 150th Anniversary of the City.  If you need to make reservations or speak to someone about parks or fields after Dec. 19, 2021, please call 703-368-1873.

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