F.W. Hynson House

9312 West Street
The F.W. Hynson House in about 1906

Built in ca. 1895,  the F. W. Hynson House is also known as the Peters House. 

This house's lot was previously included in an 11.5 acre tract purchased in 1872 by Samuel Tasker Weir, who was the grandson of William James Weir and Harriet Bladen Mitchell, who built and owned Liberia. In 1894, the land was divided among Weir's children. The West street holdings became the property of Ella Weir and Samuel Weir, Jr.  In 1896, lots 4 and 5 were conveyed to F. W. Hynson, a local merchant. 

Frederick Warren Hynson, (or F. W. as he was known) was born in about 1852, died in 1912, and came from a family of merchants. He served on the Town Council from 1885 to 1893. His brother, Richmond native Charles Lemuel Hynson, first owned a general merchandise store on Center Street in Manassas in 1866 and served on the Town Council. His store expanded and became the landmark Hynson's Department Store on the corner of Main and Center Streets (now Centerfuse). F. W. lived with his brother in the 1800s and worked for him in his store.

Charles' son Richard carried on the family dry goods business, and F. W.'s son Frederick R. Hynson later owned an electric repair business.

In 1908, the house was transferred to J. R. Hornbaker. John Ruby Hornbaker was a New Jersey native born in 1831 who was a successful farmer and miller, and who was appointed postmaster in 1889. By 1870 he owned $16,000 worth of real estate in the area. When he died in 1917, his wife Elizabeth Hazen Hixon and daughter Mattie E. Meetze inherited this house and his extensive real estate holdings.

Between 1936 and 1970 the house was converted into a boarding house and apartments. In 1970, the house was reconverted to a single family residence.

The house is a Victorian Gabled Ell, wood frame, two-story, three bay style with a three-bay porch and scroll brackets. This turn-of-the-century gabled ell house is noted for its decorative porch sawnwork (decorative woodwork).

Hynson House Current


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