The following types of vehicle registrations are not subject to personal property taxes:

Type:  Government   
Description:   Any motor vehicle owned by the state, United States government, or any political subdivision.
Documentation:  Government registration

Type:  Diplomat         
Description:  Any motor vehicle owned and used for personal or official purposes by an accredited consular or diplomatic officers of foreign governments or their family members and employees who are nationals of the state by which they are appointed and are not citizens of the United States.
Documentation:  Diplomatic ID

Type:  Military           
Description:  Any motor vehicle normally garaged, stored, or parked in the city or on a United States military base within the geographic boundaries of the city and is registered in this state or any other jurisdiction, and whose sole owner is on full-time active duty in the military service absent from his state of residence or domicile (not a resident or domicile of Virginia).
Please click here for a list of documentation that will need to be provided along with the application for exemption.

Type:  Daily Rental     
Description:  Any vehicle used as a daily rental passenger vehicle.           
Documentation:  State registration showing registration as a daily rental vehicle

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