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Special Events on Public Property
Special events on public property are defined as any event held on public property that will include any for profit-activity or advertisements by a for-profit business. Events include, but are not limited to, pageants, celebrations, sports events, historical reenactments, carnivals, music festivals and other entertainments, exhibitions, dramatic presentations, fairs, festivals, races (i.e., run/walks), block parties, parades, and other similar activities.  Review the City’s special events ordinance.

Learn about the Special Events Permit Process

Apply for a special events permit now.  Applications for special events must be completed and submitted at least 45 days prior to the date of the event.

Public property special event permits are issued by the Police Department. Approved permits are mailed to permittees at the address provided in the application. An electronic copy will be emailed to the email address provided.

Questions? or need help completing the form?
Contact the Police Department’s Planning and Resource Manager:  703-257-8011   or  Email

Important Information for Special Events
Permittees may be responsible for the costs of any City services required for their event. The assessment of services needed is based on the needs of the event and is at the discretion of the City. A final assessment of costs and instructions for payment will be included in the approved permit. Costs for City services are assessed at the following rates:  $60.00 to hire an officer or supervisor.

Public Property special event applicants shall have a general liability insurance policy and provide a certificate of insurance to the City of Manassas, naming the City as an additional insured. A copy of that endorsement must be provided to the City prior to the start of the event. A certificate of insurance without the additional insured status endorsement does not meet the standard of this requirement. Other insurance requirements for events are:

  • Minimum liability limit requirements for all event organizers of $1,000,000
  • If alcoholic beverages are served the event organizer shall have a minimum liability limit requirement of $5,000,000, including Liquor Liability. Higher limits may be required after review by the City’s Risk Management Division.
  • If any participant is an organization or company that has employees, they shall show evidence that they have workers’ compensation insurance with statutory limits that meet the requirements of the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Act.
  • Any other special insurance requirements based on specific and/or high-risk event activities as determined by the City.
  • All merchants, peddlers, or vendors participating in the event must be licensed to do business in the City of Manassas with the Commissioner of the Revenue. Event organizers may obtain an umbrella permit for all businesses at the event through the Commissioner (703-257-8214).
  • All food trucks participating in the event must be inspected & approved by the City’s Fire Marshal 703-257-8455.
  • Applicants wishing to hold an athletic event or other similar event using a route on the public streets are required to use a route approved by the Police Department. Approved routes are available by contacting the Police Department’s Planning and Resource Manager
  • Approvals and inspections of temporary structures and amusement devices shall be coordinated with the Development Services Division (703-257-8278) and the City’s Fire Marshal (703-257-8455).
  • Applicants may be required to meet any conditions prior to receiving a permit to conduct a special event that is reasonably calculated as necessary to protect the health, safety, and general welfare of the persons attending the event or the public in general.
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Community Events Designated By City Council
Section 14-45 of the City’s Code of Ordinances provides that the City may specifically designate a list of community events that will have precedence over other special events to be held in the City. The list of Community Events is approved at least once annually. Event applicants interested in having their event designated a Community Event should contact the Police Department’s Planning and Resource Manager for more information.

2022 Community Events

Any views expressed by events permitted by the City are those of the expresser and not necessarily those of the City.

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