Food Rescue Heroes

Food Rescue Heroes Recycling to Reduce Food Insecurity

 Over the past year, many members of our community faced hardships that they never imagined possible. Among the most challenging has been food insecurity, which is when a household is not able to provide enough food for every person to live an active, healthy life. Fortunately, hundreds of City of Manassas residents and local businesses have signed on with Prince William Food Rescue to become Food Rescue Heroes.

By donating extra food to distribution sites, diverting food scraps to local farmers, and composting food scraps that go to the new composting facility at Ball’s Ford Road, we can divert between 30% and 50% of our recoverable food to feed families, support local farmers, and provide nutrient-rich compost for their gardens. Signing up is easy and being a Food Rescue Hero is FREE.  

The City of Manassas is happy to partner with Prince William Food Rescue to make reduce, reuse and recycle something more than just a catchy phrase – it’s a lending hand for our friends and neighbors. Visit for more information.

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