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Spring Cleaning Tips

This time of year is well known for “spring cleaning” with everyone heading to their shed, garage, basement, or attic to finally get to those corners that need to be cleared out for something new – or just for some space.

Here are some tips to make disposal easier:

  • We collect old TVs and Computer Monitors at the curb. Just call to schedule them for collection on Thursday.
  • Take your household, garden, and pool chemicals, paint, oil, old gasoline, and electronics to our next scheduled drop-off day at the Manassas Transfer Station.
  • Always call to schedule the collection of large items and extra trash. City ordinances only allow for 3 large items per collection.
  • Book a Courtesy Truck for your big jobs. We park the truck – you load it up and then collect the truck and dispose of your items for you.
  • Plan ahead! Call to schedule collections at least 24 hours before your collection day. Unscheduled items will not be collected.

Call the Trashline on (703) 257-8252 during regular office hours for more information.

Trash and Recycling Needs Your Help

The COVID pandemic has thrown many of our normal activities out of kilter and some of the things that we take for granted need a bit more effort right now. Cases of COVID-19 have affected trash and recycling collection crews to the extent that the service is running with fewer crews and trucks than normal. In order to keep things going and make sure that trash and recycling are collected – the smaller crews have to start much earlier in the morning.

Please make sure that you set your trash and recycling out the night before your collection day to avoid any missed collections. Please pass this on to your neighbors and friends so everyone knows that we need your help to keep our services going and avoid any disappointment.

Please call the Trashline on (703) 257-8252 or email us for more information

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