Liberia Restoration

Restoration efforts to the interior of Liberia continue to take place during the winter and early spring months of 2023 while the house is closed to tours.  This past winter and spring, staff worked alongside contractors in two areas of the house that were up next on the list of projects to be completed.  All of this work was done in consultation with the Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

The kitchen received a major upgrade to give the space a fresh, new look and provide a working area that staff can use during events and tours.  For this project, all old fixtures were removed and new cabinets, countertops, and recessed lighting installed.  The modern floor was taken up to expose the original floor underneath and then sealed to provided a beautiful look.  All missing woodwork and trim were replicated by hand, put back in place, and the entire space given a fresh coat of paint.  Finally, the exterior door was made functional and a set of temporary stairs added outside to complete the look.
Liberia ceiling pre work  Liberia kitchen 3 Liberia kitchen
Wall behind sink[1] - Copy  (top) peeling ceiling in Liberia's kitchen before restoration
(above) original lath behind the sink 

Work in the bathroom area on the second floor was partially completed and will pick up again in the fall once the house closes for the year.  In this space all modern wiring and plumbing features that could be removed were taken out.  Flaking paint was gently removed from the walls, uncovering what may turn out to be another piece of Civil War graffiti.  Contractors also removed all of the modern features on the wall that separates this space from the hallway, and replaced the badly damaged ceiling with a modern look that reproduces what the Weirs would have seen.  During this last bit of work, several objects were discovered above the ceiling including a check signed by Anna Portner and an old Ginger Ale bottle.  Check out the article in the Word From The Junction newsletter to learn more.

Liberia walls bathroom   Sub floor with hand hewn joists
(left) a bathroom wall after restoration (right) a sub floor with hand hewn joists

Finally, a major addition was added to our outdoor amenities with the completion of an amphitheater.  This Eagle Scout project adds a much needed new feature to our grounds.  You can find it near the Weir Family cemetery below the house.

IMG_2426 - Copy - Copy

Trail Installation
Eagle Scout candidates, Girl Scout award candidates and any other groups interested in extending the trail should contact or call 703-368-1873.

Restoration Efforts10  

Previous work includes:

  • Wall repair and painting
  • Structural repairs to floors, joists, and the stairwell
  • Garden installation
  • Well and garage removal

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