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Become an Election Official
The City of Manassas Electoral Board invites you, as a registered voter, to become an active participant in your government. You will earn compensation while providing a critical service to your community.

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Am I Eligible?
Yes, if you are a qualified voter in Virginia, do not hold elected office, and are not related to or employed by an elected official.

Will I be trained?
Yes. Paid training sessions are held prior to each election.

Will I be paid?
Yes. Election officials are paid for their work on election day as well as for their training. Contact the Voter Registration and Elections Department for compensation rates.

What will I need to do?
Along with the Precinct Chief:

  • Begin at 5 a.m. on election day to prepare the precinct for voting 
  • Set up voting equipment 
  • Check in voters 
  • Demonstrate voting procedures to voters 
  • Close precinct and certify vote totals, finishing around 9 p.m.

You must be available to work the entire day.

When am I needed?
View a list of upcoming election dates.

How do I apply?
Submit an Election Official Interest Form and you will be contacted by a member of our staff.

 Thank you for your interest!

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