Virginia Elections

A regularly-scheduled election for a particular office. Federal offices appear on the ballot in even-numbered years, while Virginia state offices appear on the ballot in odd-numbered years. City Council, School Board, which are staggered terms, appear every other year. Mayor, Commissioner of Revenue and Treasurer are every 4 years. General Elections are held every year on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

The General Election terms for offices elected by City of Manassas voters are as follows. See our Elected Officials page for a current list of elected officials.    


Special Election

Held for a special purpose that is not regularly scheduled, such as to fill an office vacancy or for ballot questions. In Virginia all Special Elections are held on Tuesdays, often at the same time as a General Election. A Special Election cannot be held on the same date as a primary election.

Primary Election

Held to assist the two major political parties (Democratic and Republican) in selecting their nominees for offices on the General Election Ballot. In Virginia, primaries for offices elected in November are normally held on the second Tuesday in June. If you are a registered voter, you can vote in any primary election held in your precinct. If both parties are holding primaries in your precinct, you can only vote in one party’s primary.

In presidential election years, presidential primaries are held on the first Tuesday in March.

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